Welcome to The Interim

In an alternate history, set in a vaguely medieval/renaissance era, Terre d'Ange is a place blessed with the blood of angels. Here, in the country that corresponds to our real life France, people are beautiful, they live to love and they seem to be far removed from the standards and customs that are valid elsewhere. Their religion centers on Elua and His Companions, those fallen angels that wandered the world and eventually founded the provinces of Terre d'Ange as they mingled their blood with those of mortals. Courtesans cater to the entertainment of high nobility, in a service that pays homage to Naamah, who gave herself to free Elua once from the clutches of King Persis.

Our theme is based on the setting of the Kushiel trilogies of Jacqueline Carey, a setting that has already inspired a number of other Kushiel-themed mushes in the past. A previous installment of this game centered around the area of Marsilikos (RL Marseille), limiting concepts to what seemed reasonable for the setting. And now that Marsilikos MUSH has had its run, we are going for a reboot, removing some limits that were previously in place in regards to character concepts.

This is not a fully developed game as of yet, more of a sandbox with the intention to experiment, but also a place where characters from Marsilikos MUSH can continue their stories. A playground, where you can create new stories with other players, create new characters to support these new plotlines.

The aim for now is to foster an atmosphere of freedom and creativity as we open up more possibilities in regards to concepts and locations of rp. Eventually, this may lead to the development of a new game of grander scale and more ambitious design, as we explore new options in regards to skill system and benefits.

The Interim is a sandbox game, for now using the code- and database of Marsilikos MUSH.

We are here to provide the following:

  • Continuation of stories from Marsilikos and development of new ones in a sandbox environment. Rules will be more lax here, offering more opportunities which will hopefully lead to inspiration and new stories.
  • Quicker applications. More freedom with character concepts.
  • A place to hang out on: People can log on and are not required to rp.
  • At some point: Development of a new approach, in regards to character generation and game concept, for a possible reboot. Refining new approaches to chargen and testing them out on existing characters.

What we are not:

  • A game that offers regular staff-run plots and events. It may happen, but we can't make any promises in this regard at the moment.
  • A game of big politics and realistic economics. RP focusing on personal stories of our heroes and heroines is what we are currently about.

Connection Info interim.silvertree.org, port 4321
Game Status The Interim is up and running
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