City of Elua

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Palace District

  • Royal Palace
  • Ambassador Tower

City Center

  • La Plume de la Paon - A fine inn at Elua Square

Ducal District

Here is where greater estates of the sovereign and provincial duchies are found.

  • L'Agnace Ducal Estate
  • Azzalle Ducal Estate
  • Eisande Ducal Estate
  • Kusheth Ducal Estate
  • Namarre Ducal Estate
  • Siovale Ducal Estate

Manoir District

This is where nobles will live that are not residing at the ducal estates. There are a number of fine town residences to be found in this quarter. If in need of one, just put in a +request with one or more descs for rooms.

Avenue des Papillons

  • Manoir d'Orange — Vicomte Residence
  • Manoir du Rossignol — Vicomte Residence
  • Manoir de Lunel — Vicomte Residence
  • Manoir de Velaux — Baronnial Residence

Promenade des Émeraudes

Here are some of the bigger residences for those of Comte and Marquis level titles that are not members of ducal houses.

  • Résidence de Maignard — Comte Residence

Temple District

  • Temple of Anael
  • Temple of Azza
  • Temple of Camael
  • Temple of Eisheth
  • Temple of Elua
  • Temple of Kushiel
  • Temple of Naamah
  • Temple of Shemhazai

Night's Doorstep

  • The Cockerel Inn
  • City Stables
  • Shrine of Star Crossed Lovers - A Temple of Naamah

Mont Nuit

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