Foreign Houses

On this page you will find an overview of foreign Houses and characters. Please tag your foreign character with your respective country (foreign means: Not born and raised in Terre d'Ange).


Alba corresponds to our RL England/Scotland/Wales.

Capital: Bryn Gorrydum
Houses: Cullach Gorrym, Tarbh Cro, Eidlach Or, Fhaliar Ban, Maghuin Dhonn
Current Cruarch: Aodh mab Ethne of the Cullach Gorrym

Alban Characters


Aragonia corresponds to our RL Spain.

Ruling House: Aragon

Aragonian Characters


Bhodistan corresponds to our RL India/Pakistan/Bangladesh.

Bhodistani Characters

Caerdicca Unitas

This is a union of city states, corresponding to our RL Italy.

City States: Tiberium (RL Rome), Milazza (RL Milano), La Serenissima (RL Venice), Genoa and others
Religion: Asherat of the Sea

Caerdicci Characters


Carthaginian Characters


Ch'in corresponds to our RL China.

Chi'in Characters


(cited from

The Chowat is equivalent to modern day Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Moldova. It borders Skaldia and Illyria. Five hundred years before the events of Kushiel's Chosen the Chowati people invaded Illyria and co-mingled with Illyrians. The Chowati left their imprint on Illyria, imparting their traditional superstitions, most notably the kríavbhog that haunted Kazan Atrabiades. Chowati people typically had high, slanting cheekbones, light hair and pale, slanting eyes.

Language: Chowati

Chowati Characters


Capital: Tea Muir
Current High King: Brin mac Caibre

Eiran Characters

  • Saoirse nic Brin — Eirian Princess, Apprentice Diplomat, Princess of the Blood


Ephesian Characters


Flatlander Characters


Gotland corresponds to our RL Scandinavia.

Ruling House: Eklund
Current Ruler: King Aksel Eklund

Gotlandish Characters


Hellas corresponds to our RL Greece.

Hellene Characters


Illyrian Characters


Akkadian Characters


Corresponds to our RL Egypt

Menekhetan Characters


Skaldi Characters


Vralia corresponds to our RL Russia.

Ruling Family: The House of Vral
Surnames of the Ruling Family: Vralovich/Vralova
Current Ruler: Grand Prince Yuri Vralovich
Capital: Vralgrad (RL Moscow)
Religion: Yeshua
Languages: Rus and Habiru

Vralian Characters

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