(1312-11-02) Making Plans
Summary: Boniface and Delphine are forming a plan to leave Marsilikos and travel to Elua.
RL Date: Mon Nov 02, 2020
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Suite d'Orange — Noble District — City of Marsilikos

The season has already progressed towards fall. It is that time of the year, when the weather is getting more and more chilly outside. There is rain, there are those mild storms. And there is Delphine who enters Boniface's chamber just now, clad in a dress in the color she so much favors: red. Dark hair has been piled into a fashionable do, and she looks as radiant as ever, dark eyes looking here and there as she tries to catch sight of her only son, the Vicomte d'Orange. "Bon-Bon? Are you here?"

Bon-Bon is indeed here- it would be a rather short scene if he weren't! The young vicomte is lounging on his bed, dressed in, well, lounging around the house clothing- silks of course, but much more comfortable than his 'out on the town' wear! He's lanquidly perusing a book of some sort, with a glass of wine on his nightstand, though it seems to be mostly ignored. When Delphine enters, he looks up and offers his mother a smile and a wave. "Yes, I'm here."

"I was wondering," Delphine quips as she approaches the bed, and there is a hint of humor in her tone. "While I did expect you to be here, I wouldn't have dreamed to find you reading a book? I hope I am not disturbing you?" Even so, she comes close enough that she can sit down on the bed beside him, and in leaning a touch forward, tries to catch a glimpse of the piece of literature he has invited into his bed.

<FS3> Delphine rolls Perception: Great Success. (6 8 5 8 7 6 8 1)

It would -appear- be some sort of adventure novel. Pulp trash, or at least what passes for it Terre d'Ange. After marking his page, Boniface quietly closes it and sets it aside, sitting up some so he can better focus his attention on Delphine, a little smirk played across his handsome face. "Why does that surprise you? I read as much as the next gentleman!" he insistes before shaking his head, "No, you're not disturbing me."

"And here I was, assuming it'd be one of the companion volumes to the Trois Mille Joies, Delphine sighs softly. "And I was merely teasing. Of course, you can read. You can drink, eat and make love as well. At least I suppose so." She regards him not without pride. "But I very much suspect that you are relying a great deal on our capable steward to handle things that need to be handled. What of your plans?"

"I mean.. I like to read that stuff too, but it can't -all- be lovemaking all the time," Boniface responds with a little bit of a laugh as he sits up more, turning to face his mother fully, that smirk still on his face, "And you're not wrong about any of that stuff either." He offers a wink followed by a shrug of his shoulders, "My plans for the evening or my life?"

"Both?" Delphine has the impertinence to demand this with a twinkle in her dark eyes. "Well. I recall I have bothered you on the topic of marriage not too long ago. It would be to early to press on this matter again, so… I am not asking about the plans for your life, but rather, about your immediate plans for the next months? Perhaps a change of scenery would be good, how about retiring to Elua for the winter, to indulge in the any diversions of the city while making new acquaintances on the side?", she suggests gently.

"That is tradition, isn't it? Spending winter in Elua. It could be nice," Boniface says, as he twists and leans over to grab his wine glass, before glancing back at Delphine and offering- "Did you want something to drink?" before returning to his previous train of thought. "Marisilikos has gotten -awfully- boring as of late anyway, so a change of scene might be nice."

"Oh, I would love a sip of wine," his mother is quick to accept the offer. As for his train of thought, Delphine cannot help but nod her head. "Then it is decided. As much as I love the climate here… I shall return come the spring, but Elua will be ours to explore and enjoy. And how convenient it will be to spend Longest Night there…!"

After taking a sip from his wine glass, Boniface offers it Delphine- after all he can share and that's much more convenient then getting out of bed and hunting down the wine bottle and a fresh glass. He gives a little nod of his head at that. "Oh yes. A much better place to spend the Longest Night. Better parties, anyway."

Delphine accepts the offered glass without hesitation, not afraid to share that same glass with her son. His laziness of not providing a fresh glass to her earns him a faint smirk of amusement. But it is an affectionate expression, no doubt. "It is the Capital," she remarks to Boniface, "and it has Mont Nuit. But that is not to say that Marsilikos doesn't know how to entertain… I find the particular blend of canons at La Glycine quite charming."

"Of sure. The salons here are fine. Even more than fine," Boniface says with a little bit a laugh, as he settles down a little bit closer to Delphine, "But it's not the Mont."

"It is not." Delphine inclines her head, offering a shoulder for Boniface to rest against. "So… I shall see about whom to take along. Inesse will remain at Orange, I suppose, and I need to see about Viviane. I shall write to them to see whether they would agree to meet us in Elua."

Boniface is happy to take the opportunity to cuddle up against Delphine- moving closer and slipping an arm around her as he leans against her shoulder. "Doesn't Inesse have a boyfriend or something in Elua? I seem to remember her saying something like that," Boniface points out, before he nods his head, "Maybe it would best to keep her at home then!"

"I will leave the decision to her," Delphine replies softly. She wraps an arm about Boniface, as he leans against her. "But you know Inesse. She knows so little of the world. The courtesan she fell in love with in Elua moved to Marsilikos, but he didn't give up service for her. Then there was another courtesan… Ah… The poor girl. Perhaps I should set her up with a swineherd, that would be so romantic and please her so much…" She chuckles and shakes her head. "She may be over the Heliotrope, by now. Maybe she will indeed come and meet us in Elua. We shall see."

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