(1312-11-28) Goodbye Regent
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RL Date: 28/11/2020
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Ducal Suite - Somerville Residence

It had arrived while she was out. A letter from Brive sat in the center of her desk beside a small box. A letter whose contents frightened her. Any news out of Brive right now was more than likely not good news at all, and thus she sat staring at it, afraid to open it.

She had done everything she could to delay reading it. Brushed her hair countless times. Paced back and forth barefoot before her small fireplace. Even looking over the harvest reports for what had to have been the tenth time.

Finally, she sat before the letter once again. Her fingers slowly slid across the surface of the desk, coming to rest on the letter before dragging it back before her. With a deep breath the letter was opened, and she immediately saw it was from her grandfather from the signature at the bottom. He was alive…or at least he was when the letter was sent. Truth be told, if he had passed she would have hoped someone would have ridden to tell her rather than a letter, but that was now neither here nor there.

My Dearest Emilie:

I do hope your journey to the city was without incident and that you have begun to settle in. I am deeply sorry for all that I have left you to deal with. I was brought home against my better judgement, but my judgement is not sound as I am told. I am beginning to realize they may be right.

Which leads me to the purpose of this letter. I do myself nor the people of Somerville any justice in remaining the Duc du Somerville. You have without hesitation assumed the role as Duchesse Regent, and I realize you have not been in that role long. However, the people of Somerville deserve much better than what I can offer. My time as the Duc de Somerville has come to an end. I have officially abdicated but shall offer any advice to you during the time I have left.

The people adore you Emilie. They always have. Your ability to rule effectively is completely dependent on how those same people see you. Be just. Be fair. Let every decision you make be in their best interest. These three simple things will keep you respected and supported.

Be strong Your Grace and remember your grandfather loves you more than apple brandy.

Your Loving Grandfather,

Ranier Luc de Somerville


The Ducal Seal of House Somerville

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