The Night Court

Courtesans, adepts and novices are part of the so called Night Court. In Elua, most of the Night Court is to be found on Mont Nuit, where each canon has a single House dedicated to it. Of course, there are also several smaller salons scattered across the city. In other larger cities all over Terre d'Ange, there will be salons alone, situated most often in an extra district set aside for those that are in Naamah's Service. Hence, each capital of a d'Angeline province has its own little Night Court, which can be only a vague imitation and reminiscence of the grandeur that is to be found on Mont Nuit that caters to high nobility and the royal court.

A general outline of courtesan life and useful hints for character generation can be found here.

City of Elua

The Thirteen Houses of Mont Nuit:

City of Marsilikos

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