Dark Times Ahead
Type: An action plot with dark fantasy elements, demons and monsters.
Summary: Mysterious and disturbing occurances are being reported from the area around Rocamadour in the provincial duchy held by House Somerville. People have been vanishing; cattle has been found in the wilderness, dead, with limbs ripped apart. People say that a dark cloud is lingering over the area, cries have been heard at night. And suddenly, a party of nobles who were hunting in the nearby woods is being reported as having gone missing. Among them, a princess of the blood…
IC year: 1317 (+5 years to current IC time)
Dates: Starting in November 2020 — for however long it will take.
Runner/GM/Contact: Eisheth


Anyone who is into a darker and grittier sort of fantasy: This sandbox story arc may be the plot for you. It will be an experiment, crossing a genre of monsters and magic with our version of Kushiel theme. In the end, it comes down to a clash between good and evil, between Angels and Demons. It will get epic, and we expect many possible angles for people to come in. There is the angle of the hunting party; there is the angle of those that will investigate and consult with educated capacities of the occult, seeking for answers and explanations for the disturbing phenomenon; there is the religious angle, people turning more and more to the temples, seeking help in prayer.

Will the Companions return to help their descendants? Or will they send champions to come to their aid?

This may not be everyone's cup of tea. But if you're interested in getting involved, please let us know, and we will see how and where we will get you into the story.

IC time

This plot starts in the year 1317, five years ahead of current IC time. It is open to continued Marsilikos characters or fresh Interim alts. Those that join this story: You can +year/offset 5 to better keep track of your IC time and IC age.

Hints and Rumors

In order to offer some food for rp, here is a link to our plot related rumor page. Anyone of you who is rping in this setting is encouraged to post rumors about what is going on. Post your rumors to the "Dark Times Rumors" bboard in game.


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