Game Policy

This is a sandbox game, meant to provide a means of escape from the current rl pandemic while we wait for things to return to normality.

While staff for now refrains from running any big plots, we trust that you, the players, can make some stories for yourselves.


  • Any harassment of other players will not be tolerated. This includes OOC stalking, pressuring other players into playing out scenes they don't feel comfortable with, and generally not respecting boundaries set by other players. This is a place that is supposed to provide fun and a welcome escape from rl. Please inform staff, if this policy is being breached.
  • The game relies loosely on the Kushiel theme. But this is a sandbox, granting more freedom. We won't advertise this game or open it to a bigger public. Should we decide to go for a reboot of the Marsilikos game in different setting at some point, none of the rp had here in this sandbox will be considered canon. See it as an alternate reality, if you will, with less restrictions than the original game.

Age Restrictions

  • By playing here, you declare that you are 18 or older. Should we find out that a player has lied about their age, they will be instantly banned and their character bit newpassworded.
  • Characters must not be younger than 15. Until the age of 16, they will be limited to PG-13 rated scenes. Upon turning 16 ( the age of debuts and Mont Nuit abductions), they can start (but are not required) to engage in sexual shenanigans. Please see the section about consent below.


  • Player consent: Communicate with those in your scene and make sure they are fine with it, in case the scene is about to take a turn. This goes for antagonistic play as well as for TS. A player's request for a fade to black must always be respected.
  • Character consent: This is required for intimacies shared between characters of all backgrounds, but it is particularly important in the realm of courtesans. No courtesan will ever be forced to accept a patron against their will. Rape is a crime in Terre d'Ange, and storylines that involve rape are not what we want to see on this game.

Characters and Alts

  • You can continue storylines from Marsilikos MUSH on The Interim. Your characters will be transferred, so your logins will be active.
  • You can create new characters. We will not have any limitations in regards to rank. If you want to create a Duc or Duchesse, go for it. Princes and Princesses of the Blood are definitely possible to play. The only exception: King and Queen of Terre d'Ange. These will remain NPCs.

Alt limitations

  • One alt must not benefit from another.
  • Alts must not be directly related (parent, sibling, child)
  • But: You can have more than one alt in a scene. They may even interact with each other. You can have more than one alt from the same House.
  • Ducal positions: you can only have one alt in a ducal position. Slots are limited, and it doesn't make sense to have more than one. Other titles (holders of marquisates, comtés; princes or princesses of the blood) do not have this limitation.


You are free to create NPCs as needed to support your story. This is about storytelling, as a collaberative effort.

RP Etiquette

  • Be respectful towards each other, everyone is supposed to feel comfortable on this game.

No PvP!

  • We want to maintain a positive, collaborative atmosphere on this game. If antagonistic play is your thing and you find another player to play against, you can go for IC conflict — but you have to make sure that all the players involved are fine with this.

Wiki and Log Posting

  • You can post logs but are not required to. We have less restrictions on log posting, but keep in mind to perhaps add a warning at the top, in case the log has some mature content.
  • We encourage creating a character page and will help with this when needed. Characters from Marsilikos that are continued on this game will be transferred to this wiki.


  • You are free to redefine parts of your background and history, if you continue a Marsilikos alt. Just make sure to adjust your BG on the wiki, so that everyone is aware.
  • You don't have to stick with canon from the Marsilikos storyline. This goes for previous NPCs in higher positions. In order to apply for a higher-titled position, you don't have to try to incorporate them into previously established history or familiytrees, unless there are continued close relations to the character!


  • We want to open up more locations for rp. We have the Marsilikos grid, of course, a small Elua grid and a small Camlach grid that can be expanded when needed. Just let us know what you need, and we can build the places for you. For anything else, you can use our TP rooms.

Idling Out

  • There won't be any regular checks for activity on the game. Freezering won't usually happen — unless a player is banned from the game, or a character bit is to be freezered on request of their player.
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