D'Angelines, as the citizens of Terre d'Ange are called, are descended from Blessed Elua and the eight fallen angels with whom he wandered after being scorned by The One God. The religion which d'Angeline's follow centres upon Elua and his Companions, with Elua's precept, 'Love as Thou Wilt' forming the fundamental cornerstone of their society and civilization. From the names of their provinces, to the canons which are offered by the houses of the Night Court, to even the festivals and the religious days which are celebrated, all are derived from the tales that are woven about Elua and his Companions.

The history of Elua and his Companions can be found in a short story written by Jacqueline Carey. Entitled 'Earth Begotten', which tells of how Elua came to be birthed from the mingled tears of Yeshua's blood and the Magdalene's tears, and of his wanderings and eventual settlement in Terre d'Ange. It can be found on the author's website here, and is well worth a quick read in order to gain a better grasp upon theme.

Those that claim direct descendency from the angels, and whom carry the purity of their blood within their veins, are known as Scions. The manifestation of these abilities is covered in detail here, and varies from person to person dependant upon which angel the d'Angeline is descended from.

Elua and His Companions


Name Date Description
Longest Night 21st of December tbd
Eisheth's Renewal tbd tbd
Mara's Eve February 26th Mara's Eve is a major night for the House of Valerian. A handful of novice's with the most potential have the honor of having their debut night held on Mara's Eve in honor of Naamah's daughter and the first anguisette, Mara.
Mara's Vigil February 27th tbd
Camael's Might April 25th tbd
Festival of Light May The Festival takes place over three days, with people travelling from across Eisande to come together in Béziers to celebrate the passing of loved ones to the Terre d'Ange that Lies Beyond. The Festival is a joyous celebration of life and love, with events and entertainment over the three days. It culminates on the third when candles are lit to the memories of loved ones, and a procession is held from the town centre down to the beaches. Prayers are offered to Elua, and the candles are floated upon the water.
Night of Love June 16th An evening spent most often in the company of a much favored person, either in a tête-a-tête or in smaller private fêtes, where each noble brings their favorite courtesan. The Night Court occasionally uses this opportunity for holding events in their salons, recitals of love poems or other ways of celebrating the Bright Lady.
Festival of Fire July? tbd
Anael's Bounty Autumn tbd
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