Our setting has a few details in common with that of Marsilikos.

  • The current rulers of Terre d'Ange are King Léopold de la Courcel and his Hellene wife, Queen Pénélope.
  • Continued characters and their close relations as defined in their (optionally revised) backgrounds.

Everything else in our setting and theme of commonly shared RP remains free and flexible, such as holders of high titles, etc, until these positions are claimed.

However… some plots and stories may require an adjustment of IC time and age.

Sandbox RP and IC Time

Some plots and storylines will take you back or ahead in time. In order to manage these individual IC times, we have adjusted the in game +time command.

Basically, a new command has been added (+year/offset <number of years>), so that each character bit can set an individual year offset to the current MUSH IC year. Your personal IC time will show in the +time command, and your age in your current plot line will be displayed as well, in the +sheet2 and +finger commands.

This will help you keep track of your current IC time and age.

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